Hosting my own radio program; “Sex Through the Centuries” on 2SERFM in 2010.

My media appearances so far. I’ve been;

  • invited into the  Triple J’s studio to speak on “The Hack” program about labiaplasty, body image and the adult industry and censorship;
  • invited as the guest expert into the Triple J studio to speak on “The Hook Up” program about how body image impacts relationships and sex
  • Resident sex therapist and relationship expert for CIAO magazine. I write a column every month..
  • I’ve been the guest expert for Nine MSN’s Lifestyle website where they asked me for my opinions on sex on a frist date.
  • appeared in ABC1’s HUNGRY BEAST episode on labiaplasty by the Hungry Beast and gave advice to the director; and
  • hosted a radio program “Sex Throughout the Centuries” on 2SERFM where I talked about sex and sexuality in the 1700′s and 1800′s.




I’ve been featured or interviewed in: Nine Msn lifestyle, Cosmopolitan, LOTL magazine, Inner West Courier, Drum Media, City Hub Newspaper, SX magazine, SLIT magazine, Cherrie magazine, SLIT magazine, Time Out magazine and Picture Magazine.

I’m the resident sex therapist and relationship expert for Ciao magazine. Click on the images below to read my columns.

Bottling Up Emotions

You can read a lot of my articles for Ciao magazine at this link..



I’m just in the process of tracking down the countless articles and radio interviews I’ve done about sex and sexuality. It’s quite an epic search through the archives over many years!  Keep checking back because I will be posting them here soon…


A feature about me and my erotic website in CIAO magazine!


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