What is Sex Therapy?

Sex psychotherapy or sexual health counselling is a form of specialised therapy that improves your sexual health and positive sexual functioning.


I have specialised training to help you with;

  • mismatched sexual desire in a relationship
  • premature ejaculation or erectile issues
  • low sexual desire for men or women
  • painful sex, fear of sex or sexual aversion
  • sexual compulsion/addiction or porn over use
  • sexual fetishes
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • sexual trauma or sexual assault
  • difficulty achieving orgasm for men or women
  • improving your skills as a lover
  • reinvigorating sex in a long term relationship
  • sexual anxiety or performance issues
  • sexual self esteem
  • genital and body image issues for men and women
  • women wanting to learn how to become multi-orgasmic or how to ejaculate
  • relationship problems
  • sexual guilt or shame

As a sex therapist, I view human sexuality as more than just physical or medical functioning,  but a strong psychological and creative force for good. I’m endlessly fascinated by the vastly diverse styles of sexual expression and passionate about transforming people’s lives. My goal is to improve your relationships, your sexual life and your life in general! Book a session with me now and take the first step in enriching your life.




Sex therapy can help;

  • debunk sexual myths that may have been having counterproductive effects on your life or your relationships.
  • improve relationships and communication patterns.
  • enhance intimacy, love and connectedness.
  • empower your sexuality so you can live a more confident and fulfilled life.
  • heal past wounds and help positive change occur.
  • improve your sexual performance and sex life.

Traditionally, sex therapy was concerned with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychosexual disorders and sexual “dysfunctions” of the individual with minimal focus on the broader context and relationship factors.  I offer this therapy, and I also offer therapy from a broader and more holistic perspective.  We can explore the wider context of your relationship, your background, culture and society in order to enrich your sexual life. In a sex therapy session we may explore; sex education, relationship matters, sexual beliefs, desires and attitudes, gender identity and development, sexual identity and self image.

Who can benefit from Sex Therapy?

There is no one type of person that can benefit, sexuality couselling can help people of different ages, genders and backgrounds. You don’t have to be in a relationship, sex therapy can help singles and couples.

Get in touch and book a therapy session today!

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