About Cat

“Have you felt judged by a psychologist for your lifestyle or sexual choices? Have you felt you had to explain to them what kink was?”

“Has your Doctor recommended you go see a sex therapist but you’re worried it won’t be easy to speak to a professional about intimate matters of your life?”

Cat O'Nine 

I  started supporting others navigating their way in a world of sex negativity, misconceptions and sexual double standards when I was dissatisfied with the sex education I received and the  limited messages I was taught about my body, gender, relationships and sexuality.



Sex should be celebrated and taught in a healthy and positive way because a healthy sexuality leads to a greater well being.

Sexual energy and pleasure is the birthplace of creativity and by awakening ourselves to this pleasure, we raise our consciousness, intellect and live more in tune with the world around us.

I have spent twenty years helping people express their sexuality and realise their personal self worth and beauty through erotic photo shoots, art shows, performance nights, erotic writing and alternative, sex-positive erotica.

Now as a certified sex therapist, it is a joy to help individuals and couples reach their full potential in matters of connection, sex and relating. You hold the key to your own healing and transformation and I guide you on this path rather than diagnose and pigeonhole you.


You deserve fulfilling relationships, deeper intimacy and wonderful sex. If your relationship is suffering, or you are having sexual problems or you are single and struggling to find someone-I can help.


I provide a non-judgemental, open-minded and supportive environment in which to explore your life, your relationships and your sexual expression- whatever your stage of life or your sexual preferences. I provide kink friendly sessions and am very experienced working with non-traditional forms of sexual or gender expression and relationships. My  years of photographing fetish and adult material gives me that extra insight and knowledge into a world few therapists understand.

And now for the official stuff….

My Masters degree in medicine is aligned with counselling certifications in the US, UK and Australia and I have studied sexual health from a medical, public health and academic perspective. Internationally recognised sex therapists, Doctors and researchers taught me the history of sexology, sexual health research, sexual dysfunction, treatment, sex counselling and psychology. I studied Psychology, Gender Studies, film and sociology in my bachelor degee and  Art Psychotherapy from a transpersonal perspective

Professional Membership;

I am a member of ASSERT, the Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists and bound by their ethics and guidelines.

There is no touching or sexual contact of any kind in a counselling session.

Media and Speaking Appearances

  • spoken on Triple J’s “The Hack” program about labiaplasty, body image and the adult industry and censorship.
  •  guest expert in the studio for Triple J’s “The Hook Up” program about body image and how this impacts our relationships and enjoyment of sex.
  • guest sex therapist is the studio for Triple J’s “The Hook Up” program discussing how to keep the intimacy and sex alive in your relationship if you or your partner suffers from endometriosis.
  • appeared in ABC1’s HUNGRY BEAST episode on labiaplasty by the Hungry Beast and gave advice to the director.
  • hosted a radio program “Sex Throughout the Centuries” on 2SERFM talking about sex and sexuality in the 1700’s and 1800’s.
  • resident sex therapist and sex and relationship columnist and feature writer for CIAO magazine.
  • appeared on Nine Msn’s lifestyle and dating website about whether to have sex on the first date..
  • Guest speaker on the panel speaking about stigma, labour, identity and family for the launch of Jiz Lee’s edited anthology Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection and Privacy.


  • Masters degree in Medicine (HIV, STI’s and Sexual Health) -University of Sydney.
  • Bachelor of Arts -University of New South Wales.
  • Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy -Ikon Institute
  • Diploma in Freelance Photography and Writing– Australian College of Journalism
  • Mentorship and training to become a Celebration Day for Girls facilitator with author and counsellor Jane Bennett.
  • Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Training from CatholicCare.

Professional Development Workshops

  •   Clinical Internship at the The Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine 2014
  • Working Together: Promoting Healthy Sex Lives, The Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine Conference -2014
  •  Sex Addiction Training Workshop with Brett McCann of Impotence Australia and The Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine Conference -2013
  • National ASSERT (Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists) Two Day Conference 2009.


“My fears were holding me back from putting myself out there and starting dating again. Thanks for showing me how to start dating and open my heart up again.”

Daniel, 26, Sydney


“I recently had the pleasure of attending Cat’s reclaim your passion retreat, and it was truly a wonderful experience, I highly recommend this to women everywhere! It helped me get in touch with my body for the first time in a long time, and I intend to continue doing some of the activities we did this weekend to help me into the future. Cat helped me awaken my spirit and get back in touch with my womanhood.”


“I recently attended a retreat created by Cat. It was the most liberating and most empowering retreat for women I’ve ever attended.
Don’t miss any opportunity for deep healing transformation. Cat is so gifted in this area
Thank you so much Cat  for sharing your wisdom, love and support with all women. “


“I have recently attended a women’s retreat hosted by Cat of Creative Sexpressions. It was the most liberating experience to explore through art therapy and meditation issues relating to my past that are effecting current relationships. Thank you Cat for creating a safe place for us to share, learn and grow.”



“I attended the “Reclaim your Passion” retreat over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditations and art therapy which enabled me to learn a little more about myself. The location and beautiful women who attended made it so easy to let go of any fears and Cat held the space so well making us feel safe and comfortable. I just wish it went for longer.”


“What a soul changing experience! I had the most amazing time and met some truly beautiful souls. Thank you Cat for bringing us all together, helping us to deal with and move past some issues and learn to get creative! I had the best time and I HIGHLY reccomend this retreat to every woman, it is a beautiful get away and safe place to reveal your inner passion!”


“Absolutely loved the womens retreat Cat hosted. Art therapy, meditation and wonderful women! Was a awesome inspiring weekend.
Thank you Cat !”



“I felt comfortable talking about the complications of my poly lifestyle with Cat. Not many psychologists have understood my sexual choices before and I always felt judged or misunderstood. Cat understood how it all works and helped me establish the kind of relationship I wanted with the boundaries I was comfortable with. This has changed everything for me.”
George, 31, Melbourne

“I have come into my own. At the age of 45 I am finally an empowered woman who does not let the scars of her past drown me anymore. I have reached a sexual deliciousness and am more aware of my body than ever. My husband says it’s like we just got married again.”
Alea 45, Perth

“I was really nervous before my first counselling session with Cat as I’d been judged by psychologists before for my kink lifestyle. Cat was so easy to talk to and open minded and non judging. She was deeply understanding and had loads of empathy. I felt like I was in a safe space with her and trusted her. I really gained so much from our sessions. Cat is the perfect mixture of  intuitive healer and smart, nerdy academic and not your average therapist.
I hadn’t been able to talk to anyone for a long time about these issues but felt like I could work through them with Cat. I was really nervous opening up but I’m glad I did. She’s the kind of person you can talk to about anything. I didn’t feel nervous talking about intimate details at all. She helped me see inside of myself and see my own strengths. I felt like she was just holding my hand emotionally with me as she guided me into new ways of seeing my shit.

I was stuck in a rut before I saw Cat. The art therapy  exercises that changed my life and tilted my entire perspective. I had no idea art therapy could be so powerful. I thought it was just for kids!

I’ve grown and moved forward and for that I am grateful to Cat. I’ve started a new chapter of my life and have my first partner now in three years. Cat helped me to break old patterns and see how so many things in my life are interconnected. I’d recommend Cat to anyone who needs help with relationships, sex, their confidence or even how they feel about their body. “
Claire, 33,  Sydney

“My partner has a low sex drive and our relationship was suffering. We were fighting all the time. I was ready to give up. We came and saw Cat together for  joint sessions. Cat was warm, kind and really listened. Cat helped us think about things together we’d never even looked at. Lots of tears were shed and there were lots of AHA moments. She really held the space and helped us work through some pretty heavy shit! She helped us to save our relationship and repair our sex life. I feel so much happier now and my partner feels less scared to communicate with me.  Thank you Cat!”
Name withheld. Couple, Sydney.

“Thank you Cat for helping me see how much I had to offer people in a relationship. My childhood and other traumas made me feel so small. I survived a relationship with an abusive narcissist and I kept choosing the same kind of people again and again. The exercises in the therapy room and the homework you set me throughout the week made me realise my own self worth. For the first time in my life I can say that I have self compassion and love for myself. I am ready to invite the right love into my life.”

Georgie, 29, Parramatta

“After your workshop I went home and drew and wrote about all my experiences. I can’t have imagined it would have been that powerful for me. It was intense and amazing. I had such inense dreams that night and I wrote them all down. I went deep into my soul and saw myself laid bare. I have never ever experienced anything like that before and this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.”

Sam, 41, Ultimo

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