Photo Therapy

What iPhototherapys Photo Therapy? (or Photo Art Therapy)

  • Using a camera or photographs as an agent of personal change and growth.
  • Encourages self expression.
  • No experience or understanding of photography is required.
  • Useful for clients who have blocks to traditional art therapy or don’t want to draw.
  • Through creating or viewing photographs we project unconscious information emerging from deep within ourselves and great insights are made.
  • Taking photographs helps you explore issues you want to work on in therapy.Photo Therapy
  • Uses various exercises like-Self-Portrait Exercises for healing and growth.
  • Helps work through pain and improve self esteem and self confidence
  • Can be quite a contemplative and peaceful practice.

As a trained art therapist and professional photographer with 15 years experience, I can help you use photography to experience  healing and insight. The camera can be like your own “third eye” and controlling it to take images of your choice can be a very powerful therapeutic tool.  Art and therapy are inextricably interwoven, and opening yourself up to creativity can remove internal blocks and barriers.

Contact me to book a session now.

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