Have you struggled with your relationship or sex life?

Have you struggled to find the right partner and worry you’ll be single forever?

Do you wonder why you keep having different relationships but with the same type of person?

Are you in a relationship with someone where one of you has a much higher libido than the other and it’s causing some major interpersonal problems?

Perhaps you are in a relationship but there’s no sex or passion anymore or you feel disconnected and you don’t know how to bring it back?

Perhaps you have a sexual issue that’s impacting the happiness of your relationship?

Do you desperately long for sexual confidence but don’t know how to get it?

Has your creativity got stuck and have you noticed that’s linked to your sexual drive?

 I can help get your love life back on track.

Hi, my name is Cat and I’m a sex therapist, relationship counsellor and transpersonal art therapist. I’m honoured to have helped hundreds of singles and couples find sexual empowerment, succulent, healthy relationships and bring the va va voom back to a long term relationship.


I offer open minded, kink-friendly therapy without judgement  in an accepting space. I have worked with clients of all sexualities, gender identities and backgrounds and I’m passionate about you loving your body, embracing your sexuality and having the best relationship ever.

There is nothing you can’t talk about with me. Unlike other counsellors or psychologists without specific sexual health training I won’t shy away from topics that others might find awkward or taboo. Our sexuality can often be at the heart of some big stuff going on for people and skirting around that won’t help improve things.

Sex is a positive thing that can bring about greater creativity, connection, love and intimacy but we are often brought up with such shame and confusing mixed messages and double standards from our society, religion, family and peers that the idea of feeling happy in our bodies and in a relationship can seem so far from reach. This is especially relevant if you’ve experienced sexual assault at any time of your life and art therapy can help work through and move forward from past traumas.

I believe a healthy and positive sexuality flows out and benefits all areas of our lives from our spirituality, health, physical wellbeing and everyday interactions.

Read more about what is sex therapy and how it can help you.

 Creative psychotherapy exercises will access your inner feelings, creativity and healing. Many people are amazed by how art therapy can be even more effective and powerful than talk therapy on its own because we are getting deep down into your unconscious mind to shift and retrieve inner resources you didn’t realise you had.   Read more about  art therapy here.

I know it’s confusing when you’re looking for someone to help.

You might be lost in google searches and wondering who is the right fit for you. Finding a therapist that works for you is a personal thing and there’s no obligation to continue our sessions if you don’t feel like we are a good ‘match.’

It can be confusing finding help because some people call themselves sex therapists or relationship counsellors when they’re actually not. Rest assured that my  Masters in Sexual Health (Medicine), and the rest of my academic training in psychology, gender studies, sociology,  transpersonal counselling and art therapy and my career as an erotic photographer and film maker has given me a uniquely balanced education and perspective in which to help you. I’m also accredited with the Australian Society Of Sex Educators Researchers And Therapists and abide by their ethics.

Sexually empowering others has been my life’s work.

I’ve spent over 20 years researching everything about gender, sexuality, relationships and sex throughout history in my own personal research story of trying to discover the truth to our own sexuality beyond changing cultural ideas. Turns out that quest couldn’t just be in the rational sphere of my conscious mind and I had to get into my body. Mindfulness and meditation have been powerful techniques in my own life and when introduced to my clients can help with anxiety and finding clarity to problems.

Transpersonal psychology is all about using meditation, visualisation, music and breathwork to access your unconscious mind. This is where the really powerful shifts begin to happen especially when used with art therapy and sex therapy. You can read more about transpersonal psychology here.

 Life is too short to stay in a bad relationship wondering if it could get any better or stay single out of fear. There is a world of passionate love-making and healthy and connected relationships just waiting for you to slide into head first with a grin on your face declaring, “I’m ready! Bring it on!”

Book a session with me by clicking here. I look forward to hearing from you!