Cat O'Nine

Welcome to my website.  My name is Cat O Dowd and I’m a certified sex therapist, sex educator, couples counsellor, transpersonal art therapist and sex and relationship columnist.

Sex is a positive thing that can bring about greater creativity, connection, love and intimacy and enhance our overall lives. I hold a holistic view of sexuality;  I believe  a healthy and positive sexuality flows out and benefits all areas of our lives from our spirituality, health, physical wellbeing and everyday interactions. Healthy self esteem, body image and genital image are some of my main areas of interest, as well as working with ideas of gender and what that means for you.

I’m passionate about helping singles and couples become empowered in their sexuality, have intimate and positive relationships and lasting sexual connections. I offer open minded kink-friendly therapy, where I support the vast tapestry of human sexuality without judgement. I have worked with clients of all sexualities, gender identities and backgrounds.

Read more about what is sex therapy and how it can help you.

I am a trained art therapist and can use creative psychotherapy exercises to access your inner feelings, creativity and healing. Many people are amazed by how art therapy can be even more effective and powerful than talk therapy on its own. I can help you unlock that healing potential that lies inside yourself.  Read more about  art therapy here.

My Masters in Sexual Health (Medicine), my bachelor degree that covered psychology, gender studies and sociology, my training in transpersonal counselling and art therapy and my career as an erotic photographer and film maker has given me a uniquely balanced education and perspective in which to help you.

I can help you with depression, trauma and anxiety using holistic counselling and dreamwork.  My holistic counselling is informed by the transpersonal psychology.  Transpersonal psychology is concerned with healing using using meditation, mindfulness and spirituality to access your unconscious mind where the real powerful stuff begins to happen. You can read more about transpersonal psychology here.

Let me help you find greater satisfaction in your sex life and relationships, and find great contentment and fulfilment in your life!

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