Are men hornier than women? The research says no!

It’s time to bust another sexual myth!  Here’s the myth:Women with high sex drives are the minority. I hear this myth over and over again! The myth that men are highly sexual and women are more interested in love and affection can lead to all sorts of confusions and disagreements. It’s been used throughout history to control female sexuality and to keep the sexes in their place!

A recent study of almost a thousand women found that well over half of them could be classified as “highly sexual.” They were interviewed for sex drive, sexual communication, sexual adventurism, sexual fantasies and thoughts, sexual esteem, body image, reputation concerns, and attitudes toward all of the following: casual sex, sexually explicit material, masturbation, and sexy clothing..

So women with high sex drives who are very interested in sex for sex’s sake are much more common than the stereotype would have you believe. Liberating ourselves from these sexual myths about how the sexes are supposed to behave is so important.

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