Even Science agrees. Rituals do work!

Ritual can help you deal with the end of a marriage or relationship, the loss of a friend, going into a new phase of your life, anxiety, confidence, healing and leaving behind trauma and assault..
Ritual can also help build better relationships, bring a couple closer together, open the gateway to sacred sex and better connection and enhance the quality of your life.I can’t ask any of my counselling/sex therapy clients to do any processes or exercises I haven’t tried myself first.
On Monday night I designed my own personal ritual and executed it in the presence of others. It was an incredibly powerful experience and I feel like a transformed person ever since.

During this ritual or rite of passage, I used symbols, objects, music, sounds and other things that were of personal significance to me. People use rituals  as a way to get a sense of control again and reduce negative feelings after our worlds have been shaken up.
Studies have shown that people who undertake rituals (whether alone in or in a group) have a much stronger sense of control over their worlds and lower levels of grief when it came to loss or missing out. Rituals can also reduce anxiety and increase people’s confidence. If something has happened in your life and you feel loss or disruption, or you want to increase intimacy in your relationship; then designing a ritual with me can help.
I love this article.  Part of my recent study has been noticing the overlaps between western psychology and holistic and ancient traditions. Some very mainstream psychologists have advocated rituals for couple work.  It’s undeniable that this ancient tradition that has been used throughout history is important and useful for self transformation and couples work. If you would like to learn to use rituals in your own life to transform yourself, heal a past hurt or further enhance your relationships, book a session with me now! Rituals can be simple and short, they don’t have to be a long or time consuming affair.  Rituals can give your life more meaning and add extra depth and intensity to your relationships.
“There are real benefits to rituals, religious or otherwise.Recent research suggests that rituals may be more rational than they appear. Why? Because even simple rituals can be extremely effective.

Rituals performed after experiencing losses – from loved ones to lotteries – do alleviate grief, and rituals performed before high-pressure tasks – like singing in public – do in fact reduce anxiety and increase people’s confidence.

What’s more, rituals appear to benefit even people who claim not to believe that rituals work.

While anthropologists have documented rituals across cultures, this earlier research has been primarily observational. Recently, a series of investigations by psychologists have revealed intriguing new results demonstrating that rituals can have a causal impact on people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.”

~ excerpt from “Why Rituals Work” by Francesca Gino and Michael I. Norton for Scientific American magazine

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