What do women find sexually attractive in men…

 This study made me laugh a little. A recent study from British Columbia found that women were much more attracted to swaggering and brooding men than smiling men. Now, I haven’t read the original study so I’m taking this with a grain of salt, but it still does shed an interesting light on what we see as desirable when it comes to masculinity.
Women said that happiness was the very least attractive quality in a man! I wonder how much of this has to do with all those action movies where the hero is a man who never expresses any emotion and is all chiselled and smouldering deadpan masculinity.
This study did not ask anything about whether women thought they would make a good boyfriend or husband though. The study only asked the women questions based on their initial, gut reactions on carnal and sexual attraction. Do you think this study illuminates why some women always fall for the “bad boy.”
Another recent study found that women found men with bearded faces as less attractive. The majority of women found bearded men to be seen as of a higher social status and possibly more aggressive, however not better looking than non bearded men.

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