The Sacredness of Menstruation

Historically all cultures honoured a woman’s monthly bleeding as sacred. Here is some of the evidence:

-The Maoris stated explicitly that human souls are made of menstrual blood, which when retained in the womb ‘assumes human form and grows into a man
Africans said menstrual blood is ‘congealed to fashion a man’.

– In Hindu theory as the Great Mother creates, her substances become thickened and forms a curd or clot. This was the way she gave birth to the cosmos, and women employ the same method on a smaller scale.

– Indians of South America said all mankind was made of ‘moon blood’ in the beginning.

– In ancient Mesopotamia, they believed the Great Goddess Ninhursag made mankind out of clay and infused with her “blood of life.”
Adam, from the feminine adamah, means “bloody clay.” The Bible’s story of Adam was lifted from an older female-oriented creation myth recounting the creation of man from clay and moonblood.

–In the Koran’s creation story, it says that Allah “made man out of flowing blood”; but in pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was the Goddess of creation, Al-Lat.

–from a list adapted by Katharine Krueger from Goddess of Sacred Sex from ‘Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secret‘ by Barbara Walker

Art – “Red Goddess” by Katrina Mynta

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