Reclaim your Passion! Ritual, Mindfulness and Creativity Retreat for Women.

I’m so excited to announce my retreat! I had 15 applications in the first few hours of posting about it! Please still apply on the contact form here as there might be cancellations and I’m waiting to see if the retreat can bring in a few more beds for us!

Please check out all the details here!


14-16 October 2016



Are you ready to awaken your body, connect  with your sexuality and heal your heart?

Enjoy three days in a beautiful location, experience deep emotional transformation with award winning visionary photographer and sex therapist, Cat O Dowd. Cat is renowned for her ability to create safe, supportive spaces for women to move past fear, embrace  authentic embodiment and let those creative juices flow!
We all can have a hard time with our sexuality growing up in  sex negative cultures that rob sex of its beauty and sensuality. Our culture represses it, sensationalises and commodifies it, sells it and we can be left damaged and traumatised from this shame and confusion. Step beyond  the performance and conquest model of sex, the victim blaming, religiously repressed and shaming model of sex. The definition that makes us feel disconnected and hollow.

Our sexuality is our inner barometer for our health and well being. Using creativity and mindfulness to work  holistically our sexuality can branch out positively to all areas of our life. 

Life is too short to be stuck in a rut and go around in circles. Do you keep saying you are too busy to invest in yourself while you keep burning out from stress? As women we are often looking  after others more  than our own needs. This weekend is the ultimate act of self care and kindess to ourselves.

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