Have you forgotten how wonderful it is to be strange and unique?

Has the very thing that made you unique made you feel shamed and embarrassed?
Were you bullied about something about your appearance or personality when you were younger and wanted to hide it?
I love this comic by the folk at Zen Pencils although the quote “strange like me” sadly is wrongly attributed to Frida Kahlo. She didn’t actually say that but it’s wonderful to see how inspiring she is still today.

Can you relate to this little girl in the comic? How was your experience growing up and how did the other school children teach you? What lessons did you take from the more negative experiences and how did they make you the person you are today? How did your experience of going through puberty make you feel? Did you worry about standing out and did you want to fit in? What part of your body were you ashamed with growing up and are proud of now? If you’re not proud of this part-what can you do to make peace with this part of your body? 177_fridak

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