If Male Superheroes had their costumes designed like Female Superheros..

If male super heroes had their costumes designed like female superheroes, this is what the Batsuit would look like..


bat suit

While we are on the topic check out the comics below by Boston artist, Anna, a.k.a. Fernacular.  

Her drawings highlight what men’s superhero costumes would look like if they were designed in the same way as women’s superhero costumes.



Anna’s goals were;
1) Make it so the first thing you think of when you look at them is sex, whether you want to or not.

2) Make it so that any male human who looks at this feels really uncomfortable.

3) Make it funny.



And this hilarious meme below really highlights how impractical, skimpy, overly sexualised and reflective of the sexual double standard that female superhero costumes really are.

Male superheros wear costumes made of protective armour for when they’re fighting life and death battles. Female superheros are presented in skimpy clothing with skin exposed in battle as objects for the sexual gratification of male viewers.

I guess what these images all point out is how women are consistently represented in a sexualized way, while male characters aren’t nowhere near to the same degree.

male superheroes

In the 1970’s Ms Marvel was created as a female version of Captain Marvel. She’s a fully fledged, decorated Air Captain who fights baddies in deep space and she was drawn with her tummy and legs exposed in a sexy outfit. Captain Marvel was covered up head to toe.

“There’s a difference between a woman taking control of her own sexuality and choosing to wear something revealing, and a male-created character who is put in an outfit to titillate readers (also assumed to be male)…  Any practical warrior woman knows that it’s impossible to fight in a strapless corset that restricts your movement, while your breasts threaten to fall out at any moment.”

Eleanor Tremeer


hawkeye iniative

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