How a Video Game about tampons is destigmatising menstruation…

 “Something most women get for a majority of their lives is embarrassing, crude and shameful..”   What if there was no menstrual taboo in our society?

Two young women from New York met at a summer coding camp. They were 16 and 17 years of age. Sophie Houser and Andy Gonzalez wanted to imagine what that world would look like if there was no menstrual taboo.

They got together and created a video game called, Tampon Run. Instead of getting a gun and shooting bullets you get tampons and throw them at enemies who are threatening to take them off you.

These kick arse women learnt to code and speak about how intimidating it was to learn in such a male dominated industry. They found the the experience empowering and exciting. So they want to encourage girls how to code, make a better less sexist tech industry and destigmatise menstruation! BOOM!!