Dreams are the psyches way of expressing important things to you. Important things that may usually lie below the surface of your daily life. Imagine if you will, your daily everyday conscious life is you coasting along the surface of the river. Everything from your unconscious lies deep within the river and is where you submerge yourself at night during your dreams.

Jung said we would do well if we took each dream as if it were an unknown project, look at it from all sides, carry it around and let your imagination travel with it. Explore it with fresh and new eyes.

Dreams can bring closure to the unfinished mental and emotional goings on of the day or help work through relationship or sexual “blocks”.

Dreams can carry specific symbols and messages that can help us with problem solving, psychological evolution, artistic inspiration and spiritual development.. These stories, symbols and archetypes from our dreams spring up from our personal or the collective unconscious.

Start to be more aware of your dreams. Start to jot them down when you wake up. What messages are being brought deep from the silvery depths of your unconscious in your dreams? What are you dreams trying to show you that perhaps you are refusing to acknowledge? Both terrifying, happy, funny and recurring dreams can bring us important messages.

A dream never expresses itself to us in a neat and logical narrative type of way but in the way of a parable- this is the characteristic feature of our primitive language.

My role as a therapist that has been trained in dream work is never to “interpret” your dream but to help you explore it further through gentle amplification and clarification. The right questions can help you broaden your understanding of the dream and intersect it into the broader picture of your waking conscious life. There can be many amazing AHA moments from my clients during these processes.

A dream is an important symbolic self portrait of what is happening for you at exactly this moment.

Every element in your dream applies to your own psyche or to people in your own conscious daily life in the waking world.

Repressed desires sneak into our dreams in symbolic forms. Our dreams can also act out the conflict between our desires and the beliefs that our desires aren’t acceptable.

During our dreams men have more erections and women have more blood flow to their vagina and clitoris.

When we have dreams of a sexual nature it shines a light on our own blocks, repression’s and how in touch we are with our internal feminine and masculine qualities…

Cat O Dowd

Sex Therapist – Relationship Counsellor- Art Therapist