Could marijuana be causing my less than adequate erections?

Question: Could marijuana be causing my less than adequate erections?

I’ve had a lot of question submitted on my website about the effects marijuanna has on male sexual health. Like alcohol, the dosage has a lot to do with the effects it has on your sexual functioning.

In very small quantities, marijuana might bring about greater sexual desire and arousal, but in larger quantities, it is linked to sexual problems. I found a study of daily marijuana smokers compared to non-smokers which found that the rate of erectile dysfunction was three times as high among those who were consuming pot every day.
Perhaps you could stop smoking pot and see if your erections improve. If they don’t improve you should book in to see a sex therapist (click here to make a booking) because there are many things that can contribute to arousal difficulties, and maybe the answer may be more complex than what you’re smoking and drinking.