Should you have sex on a first date?

NineMsn recently asked for my expert, or should I say “sexpert” opinion about sex on a first date! NineMsn have started a new lifestyle and dating website, you can check it out and the full article here!

Here’s my contribution¬† below;


Sleep on it ‚Ķ or don’t

Whether you have sex or not on a first date is such an individual thing, according to Cat O Dowd, a sex therapist, couples counsellor and singles coach.

“Dating rules have dissolved a lot and there’s less stigma attached to sex on first dates, so it’s up to you to decide what works for you, she says. “Be honest about intentions because confusing assumptions abound. You can still be sexually liberated and be cautious or take your time.”

According to Dowd, there are two rules of thumb worth considering: “Don’t have sex if the prospect of someone not calling again will devastate you, or you feel pressured.”

And on the flipside: “Do have sex if you’ll be OK with the possibility it doesn’t eventuate into anything, you’re being safe and protecting yourself, and it’s what you really want.”

What do you think about sex on a first date?