I don’t deserve great sex, intimacy or connection. What are you telling yourself?

Rather than telling yourself, “I can’t do this. I am weak etc etc” try telling yourself these things instead. “I am important. I am lovable. I deserve good things.  Everything will work out. Things will get better. I am strong. I can do this. I can be who I truly am. “

Why do I keep stressing our internal dialogues as a sex therapist you ask? The things we tell ourselves repetitively are the things that we believe. We literally convince ourselves. This translates into our relationships and our sex lives. Changing this internal dialogue with ourselves is an important step in becoming empowered, owning our personal power, improving our sexual self esteem and transforming our sex lives and our relationships.

If we keep telling ourselves that we don’t deserve any better, that we are ugly and unattractive, that we deserve to be treated badly, that we won’t find anyone better, that no one will love us, that we are stupid, bad and unlovable and our happiness depends on other people– then how do you think this will influence our intimate relationships and choice of partner or lover?
If you’d like to explore this further and get your sexual self esteem back on track, book a session with me today. Let’s extend that compassion that we can feel so strongly for other people, towards ourselves. I would love to hear from you!