Escaping the sex-negative sex-police!

“In our culture, we sunbathe in sex-negativity constantly. When I say sex-negativity, I mean that we attach all kinds of negative ideas to sex and sexuality and, as a culture, we use sexuality as a weapon of control. We shame one another for sexual expression we don’t personally like, and we hurl outrageous insults at people who don’t fall in line sexually the way we want them to. The sex police are everywhere, from Bill O’Reilly, to your sexist legislator, to Phillis Schlafly, to your mama or your school peer: They tell us what to do with our bodies, what sexual choices to make, what sexual expression is okay/not okay and the sexual etiquette they deem appropriate for us. So much of it boils down to others wanting to limit our sexual choices and expression.

You are not a slut because you’re a sexually powerful woman.
You are not a slut because you’re in your body.
You are not a slut because your sexuality might be different from someone else’s.
You are not a slut because you enjoy sex.”

A. Goddard

Photo by Rosea Posey