Surviving the silly season…

christmas stress Christmas can be an emotional time for a lot of us. We can struggle with memories of people we used to have with us at this time of year, there’s a lot of pressure and expectations and family events. Setting up high expectations can lead to disappointment and a sense of failure. A lot of couples are so affected by the stress of Christmas that there are high levels of divorce rates around this time or you might be meeting the family of your new love with all the stress and nerves associated with that.

When everything seems like it’s getting too much-remember to breathe properly! When we are stressed or anxious we breathe in a shallow and fast way. Take a deep breath in through your nose to the count of five and slowly release to the count of five.. Feel your in breath filling your whole body with peace, patience and love as you breathe out the stress and negativity. Imagine a colour that you like filling up your whole body when you breathe in, so that your entire being is glowing with it! When you breathe out imagine a colour you don’t like blowing out through your mouth. Try to repeat this five to ten times and see what a difference it makes.

surviving christmasRather than get dragged down into the routine of Christmas, how about we see it as an exciting holiday where we can open ourselves up to more pleasure and love and be gentle with ourselves? Prioritise sexy time with yourself or your lover. How about your give your body as a gift to your lover? Be kind to yourself. Take some time out for yourself or your family. Stress can have a very bad effect on our health, so try to take some time out. If you have a partner, take the night off and just spend it with your lover.. Spoil yourself.

Traditionally the burning of the Yule log was all about the death of the old year and the beginning of the new. What patterns and destructishopping stressve ways can you leave behind in 2013? If you had your own Yule log what could you imagine burning away and what new things would be left in its place, things you can embrace for 2014?
Around this time of year in Ancient Rome they celebrated the festival of Saturnalia, a holiday in honor of the sowing god, Saturn. There was much drinking, sexual indulgence and singing songs naked in the streets.. It was a raucous festival and apparently the best festival of the year. Masters swapped roles with their slaves and served them dinner, presents were given and greenery was put up as decorations. I just like to point out the ancient pagan origins of Christmas to non Christians who get upset about these holidays because they see them as a purely Christian or commercial holiday. This ancient holiday goes way back before Christianity!

If you might be spending Christmas on your own, reach out to others. Christmas can be a very lonely time for some. Some single men recently surveyed said they dreaded Christmas more than Valentines Day. The expectations that you should be with family or should be having a great time when the reality is very different can make us feel miserable. You could have an Orphan Christmas with friends whose family is far away, do some volunteer work or join a group that has activities over this period.
Get out and about in Nature! If you can do this with someone whose company you enjoy this can be a great way to spend your time off reconnecting and recharging your ‘batteries.’

Here’s hoping you have a fun, safe, loving Holiday season full of incredible sex(with yourself or partnered), intimacy and connection!
Book a session with me if you are finding the silly season too much to cope with and need help.

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