Welcome Spring and new intentions

The first week of Spring1966800_10152357079634716_6718747922863980584_n here in the southern hemisphere is an exciting time to set new intentions for your life. There’s a new energy in the air! Spring is a time of rebirth and revival, and engages our psyche all the unlimited possibilities open to us. Even if we are not aware on a conscious level, the longer days, warmer weather, sunshine and smell of flowers in the air are energising us.

An intention is not a goal or pushing yourself. Goal making for the short, mid and long term is an important skill to have but intention making is very different.




An intention is an authentic instance and when done with love and gratitude can take your life to another level. An intention is a tender and kind promise you make to your psyche or soul about how you want to live, love, act and feel and what you want to attract into your life.

Making an intention is a practice that focusses on how you feel in the present moment. You create an intention for yourself on what is the most important to you and you make a conscious commitment to re-align your outward actions with your inner values. It’s called a practice because it’s an ever evolving process. You don’t set your intentions and forget about them, you live them everyday.
What we think, we become. When purpose and intention flow together in your life, miracles happen!
Learning to set intentions for sex, love and relationships can radically transform them. Get in touch with me to book a session to learn how.

What intentions do you have for Spring?405abe364f6b90910b582d5122dfe5e9

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