MYTH: Only men have nocturnal orgasms

Not true! Nocturnal orgasms are a completely normal and common incident for men and women.

This myth may exist because our society talks about male sexuality as more uncontainable and unstoppable. According to this myth male orgasm occurs effortlessly but the female orgasm is portrayed as illusive and something that takes a lot of hard work.  Men who struggle to have orgasms and women who can masturbate themselves to an orgasm in a few minutes destroy this myth!

Like female ejaculation, female nocturnal orgasms were discovered, recorded then forgotten about back in history. Our sex education curriculum often only references male orgasm (nocturnal or otherwise). I remember no mention of female orgasm at all at my school and I can take a safe guess that your school didn’t teach you anything about girls having wet dreams either!

Kinsey’s research found over 60 years ago that 37 per cent of women had night orgasms and recent research reveals that more women have nocturnal orgasms than we thought. Female orgasms while sleeping might be more common than recognised – studies have found some women underreported their nocturnal orgasms because of their own social and cultural beliefs.

This sex myth busters was published in a 2013 edition of Ciao magazine.
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