MYTH: Women have a lower sex drive than men

It’s myth busters time again! The idea that women have a lower sex drive than men is a BIG MYTH!
Several studies have shown that the partner least interested in sex can be equally the man or the woman.

A recent survey found 62 per cent of men turn down sex more frequently than their female partner, with a third admitting they had lost their sex drive. Doctors talk about the rising numbers of men with low libido that they treat; citing stress, illness, money worries, diabetes and obesity as well as lowering levels of testosterone as causes. Large studies done in America show that in every decade there’s a decrease in testosterone levels by as much as ten per cent.

History illuminates our changing sexual beliefs. In medieval times, women were believed to have the bigger sex drive and be more lustful than men. Women’s ability to bleed monthly, give birth and have multiple orgasms were cited as proof of their animalistic sexual urges that were seen to be more out of control than men. Women were thought to be more susceptible to material and fleshly experiences, and more likely to be inhabited by evil spirits.

(This appeared in a 2013 article busting sex myths in Ciao magazine.)
Please get in touch today if you or your partner struggle with low sex drive.

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