How to rock NYE single!

Enough of the nausea inducing articles entitled; Surviving New Years Single!Theyre enough to make anyone a nervous wreck. If you are single, enjoy and relish it! Think of all the people you know in unhappy relationships and dont pressure yourself to have the perfect New Years Eve. The holiday is not an indication of how 2016 will pan out.

If you do want to embrace
hooking upover the holidays, heres some tips about how to do it healthily.

Be honest and dont play games. 

No Strings sex should NOT mean lying, rudeness or hurting people. Everyone has different expectations around hooking up. Some people hope it will become a relationship, others want a one-night stand. Dating rules are so blurred that being clear about what youre looking for from the onset is essential so people dont get hurt. Dont treat someone as anything less than a friend because theyre hooking up with you. Dont ignore someone the next day. Politely tell them youre not keen for more rather than hope theyll get the message.

Sex isnt something you score, take from someone or use for revenge. Its freely given and whether for only one night or one year- people deserve respect.

Honestly, what do you want?

Dont fall for the potential of people, what they could becomeor how you could change them.Focus on your end goal. Do you want to be married with kids? Do you want to only have friends with benefits? Where would you like to be in two years? If the answer is a committed and serious relationship then settling for people only interested in one-night stands or casual flings isnt going to get you closer to your goal. Its going to stop you meeting the right people whilst you waste time on the wrong people who want different things.

Similarly, dont lead people on who want a relationship with you when you only want a fling.

Be honest with your Intentions

You dont need to indulge in hook ups to be sexually liberated. You can be just as liberated if you only want to have sex in a long-term monogamous relationship. Feeling pressured to engage in activities because of some societal idea or peer pressure isnt what meaningful sex and connection is about. A lot of men and women hate one-night stands and hook ups and thats ok. Dont compare yourself to what your friends are doing. Their needs are very different to yours.


Are you using hooking upas a shield to protect yourself from becoming vulnerable and experiencing true intimacy? Examine your reasons for hooking up with a new person. Is it because you genuinely feel in a good space to explore or are you trying to complete a need or lacking within yourself?

If you dont think you will cope if the hook up doesnt lead to a relationship then dont do it. If you know youll be okay if nothing comes of it and it doesn’t contradict your morals or ethics then go for it.

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