What’s holding you back from being more creative?

When do you feel the most creative or what inspires you to be creative? 💖
What’s holding you back from being more creative?
These answers are different for everyone and I’d love to know yours! 💖


Does your own inner critic hold you back? Where did that nasty judgemental voice come from? Was it your parents or teachers that told you being creative was stupid, a waste of time or “not a real job?” Was it from years of not trusting or believing in yourself? Did a toxic intimate relationship make you lose so much confidence because you internalised all of your partners put downs and criticisms? Have you been bullied or belittled by partners, school or work colleagues and do you now take on this job for yourself?
Start paying attention to that voice! Start questioning it and speaking to yourself with patience and compassion..
Exploring in nature always helps me to feel more creative! The shapes, colours, light, movement and shadow reinvigorate my eyes and make me just want to write, draw, paint, photograph, sing, dance, bake, sculpt clay, make collages, make music, design, sew, build, plant etc! How do you define creativity and where do you channel your creativity? Creativity is much more than just painting..
Some people can have a very creative outlet in their life and not even realise it.
Creativity is inexplicably linked with our sexuality and sexual energy. Have a ponder about your creative blocks and how they relate to any emotional sexual blocks you might have.
When I’m out in Nature like today my senses are stimulated by Springs caresses. The invigorating wind blowing through my hair, the sun kissing my skin, the intoxicating smell of jasmine and dozens of other heady nectars electrifies my nostrils, the sights of all the colours and textures of flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours, the sound of the birds and the feel of the earth under my feet all re-ignite my creative juices! ❤️ I notice I breathe more deeply and even stand differently! For me it’s ecstatic bliss and I breathe in the spring winds and feel myself tremor with delight! 💜

If you are struggling with blocks to your creativity or sex drive imagine for a moment that the creativity and sexual energy of the world flowed through you like an abundant, beautiful waterfall or a stream of water.. It might be like jet pack propulsion or just a few drips. Imagine there’s a blockage somewhere like in a hose or a branch upstream of the river that’s blocking that sexual and creative flow of yours. Imagine unplugging the block or moving that branch so that you feel the entire gush of the waterfall flow through you dissolving all the critical thoughts, lack of self belief and confidence away! Notice how it feels and visualise how your life would start to look once these blocks were removed. This is the future we will be working towards together in my retreats and one on one coaching sessions. It’s so rewarding seeing my clients opening to a way of being they’ve always dreamt of.

Please get in touch via the link below if you’d like to unblock your creativity or sexual energy and live a more sensual artistic life full of pleasure and yummy creativity.. You deserve it! 💜

Catherine O Dowd

Art therapist 🌷Sex Therapist 🌷Couples Counsellor


Ps-No Photoshopping or skin improving filters on this mobile snap of me because I’m a therapist not a model! 🙂 And I’m learning to love and accept all of my flaws. Now that’s another blog post topic right there!14264041_958830394239173_4287609064255697328_n.jpg

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