Springtime in Sydney! Spring brings hope and new beginnings.

I’m pretty excited that Spring has arrived in Sydney!

As I write this my window is open, and I can smell the heady, intoxicating scent from the jasmine flowering outside. The sun is shining and summer is on it’s way! I can hear lots of baby birds tweeting and I  feel more energetic and positive!  I’ve illustrated this blog with some images I’ve taken on my mobile of Nature in all her Springtime splendour around my North Shore art studio and counselling space. I’ve also added some photos of the beautiful wildflowers that are blossuming in the native bush around Sydney right now.

This is a great time of year to Review, Refresh and Renew. Spring is a great time for new beginnings! How can you Review your space and your life and refresh and renew? 

Spring is inextricably linked in our body and mind with HOPE.  As the days get longer and there is more daylight our bodies produce more serotonin.  People who have hope in their lives are much more likely to make proactive changes to benefit themselves than people with no hope.

Spring brings about healing; like the end of Seasonal Affective Disorder as well as more Vitamin D being produced in our bodies.  In a recent study it was found that HIV+ individuals who were more hopeful, were less likely to miss doses of medication, and were independently rated by their case manager as more committed to sustaining their health.

I thought I’d quote Anthony Scioli and his thoughts about Spring. Scioli is a professor of psychology at Keene State College in America.

“Spring restores nature’s niches, calling out the hibernating land animals, and offering a homecoming to hundreds of bird species as well as the humpback whales that left their breeding grounds for the winter. As human beings, we too are called back to nature, to walk, hike, work in the yard, and prepare the deck or patio for a second home under the open sky.

Hope is also linked to a trusted bond. A good attachment is the linchpin which fuels all of the other hopes of humanity (mastery, survival, and spirituality). Until quite recently, psychology has paid little attention to the human need for contact with nature. A rare exception was Rollo May who suggested there is inevitable regret when human beings go too long without an immersion in nature. In an intriguing book on personality theory, Robert Hogan noted that humans often go to great lengths to recreate a replica of the green temperate context from which they evolved. Environmental psychology, a relatively new field, is now reinforcing these insights. One study showed that children attending a school with windows overlooking nature were less aggressive, less likely to be labeled as “ADD”, and more attentive in the classroom.

Spring calls us back to nature, fills our sails with warmer winds, soothes our weary bones, and lifts our spirits. Spring is full of psychic potential because it satisfies the four basic motives that underlie hope. Perhaps this is what prompted Bern Williams to offer one of most succinct reflections on hope and spring: “The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring.”

Happy Springtime to my Southern Hemisphere friends!
What a great time to start making some positive changes for yourself.   If you would like to coincide the beginning of Spring with some counselling with me, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

Setting up my new therapy room!

The view from the therapy roomI’ve been working hard setting up my new therapy space today. I’m consciously creating a harmonious space that is perfect for transformation, healing and growth. It’s part counselling space/part art therapy studio and part bushland retreat! I can spread out all my art and clay therapy materials out, and I can burn a candle or oils for meditation exercises to create the perfect peaceful atmosphere for my clients. It is a truly healing space for clients that have suffered trauma, abuse or any upheavals. The sounds of Nature and the birds in the trees are the perfect backdrop for art therapy exercises and meditations.

Do you think you would find this a relaxiCat O'Dowd's therapy roomng space to work on healing and transforming yourself?  I find Nature very healing and relaxing and the view of the National Park out the wrap around windows creates such a soothing atmosphere. I’ve put bunches of fresh flowers throughout the space and burnt some sage. It feels like a sacred space and I’m ready to see my clients here. I’m just sp excited to start using this space tomorrow!

I see my clients in a clinic in Sydney’s CBD, Rozelle and now in this beautiful bushland retreat on Sydney’s north shore. Please get in touch if you would like to book a session with me and change your life.