Orgasms are better for your brain than crosswords..

Well, well, well. I love it when a study proves what I’ve always thought! Orgasms are incredibly good for your mind!!

In America, Barry Komisaruk and Nan Wise, (the aptly named “human pleasure researchers”) did a big call out for women who were willing to masturbate themselves to orgasm while lying in a MRI machine. Now I applaud the women who did this, because I would personally find that claustrophobic MRI machine slightly offputting for some good ‘ole self loving, or maybe the confined space  aided the experience? Anyway, I digress..

There was a reason for this self loving in a MRI machine though. The machine actually measured blood flow to different parts of the brain and the researchers wanted to see what happened at the point of orgasm.  We already knew that mental exercises like crosswords, increase brain activity but they only do this in fairly specific areas of the brain. This study found that orgasm activates the whole brain. Orgasm brings nutrients and oxygenation to the brain and increase blood flow to all parts of the brain.

Orgasms can also decrease stress, ease depression and increase your life expectancy. You don’t need a partner for orgasm, you can indulge in some healthy self-loving! It’s good for you! The aforementioned human pleasure researchers are  also starting new research on how orgasms can block pain. The perfect way to get rid of that headache!