When Masturbation made you blind and insane.

“Facial effects of masturbation.” From ‘Boyhood’s perils and manhood’s curse’, 1858.

I’ve always been fascinated with studying history and how we have perceived sex and sexuality through the ages. It is quite freeing to learn about the sexual ‘norms’ of particular times in history, as it really sheds new light on what we view as ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ sexual behaviour in our contemporary society.

This diagram from 1858 shows the terrible facial effects of masturbation in a time when self-love was seriously frowned on! These ‘nocturnal pollutions’ could lead to all sorts of debilitating illnesses such as drooling, skin problems, laziness, hairy palms, blindness and more!

It’s an amusing diagram to look at now, but sad when you think that the medical and psychological powers-that-be seriously believed this and worked to stop masturbation.What sexual myths do you think people 50 to 100 years in the future might chuckle about that we believe today?
How does this make you look at mainstream pornographic material as presenting supposedly “normal” sex? I’m always fascinated by how people seem to think that very formulaic approaches in pornographic movies present what is “normal” sex! People have actually told me that to not “follow the rules” so to speak in a highly formulaic, mainstream pornographic movie would be “abnormal,” because “that’s how everyone has sex!”

A few centuries ago, oral sex was seen as a deviance and I’ve seen many pictures of sad and sorry looking characters like the above fellows, locked up in mental institutions for enjoying fellatio!