What I’ve been up to. More Art Therapy workshops..

I’ve just spent an incredible and intense four days of full time workshops and lectures learning hands on more and more about art therapy and transpersonal counselling.
In order to learn best what will work for our clients we have to do all the exercises on ourselves and each other. It is always a very life changing few days!


We studied symbol, myth and healing in art therapy. We explored¬† the structure and dynamics of the psyche. We got to explore and compare the similarities and differences between psychoanalytic traditions and ancient shamanic practices.¬† I love learning about the overlaps between Freud and ancient Shamanism. It’s quite fascinating!

I learnt some wonderful new exercies to help my client and I’m so excited to share them! I’ve also learnt some powerful exercises for clients who have suffered trauma and abuse or have body image and eating disorders. We learnt some more clay therapy exercises and worked with transformational masks and body masks. We were trained in specific Gestalt practices to help clients communicate at a deeper level with their inner selves and their body or their mind. Too often we can be too trapped in our mind and have cut ourselves off from our body. I can help you get back in your body with different art therapy and meditation exercises. Sometimes we can be stuck in our body and cut ourselves off from our mind. I can also help with this.

I’ve just attached a little picture I took of our materials before we started a big exercise… I’m exploding with inspiration and knowledge and can’t wait to implement it all! Our lecturer was so inspiring, she works as a counsellor and art therapist in her own private practice and her knowledge and experience taught me so much.