Thank you for your support!

My private practice is growing from strength to strength thanks to you wonderful, courageous people who are willing to invest in changing, healing and transforming yourselves.
I feel especially delighted that so many clients are coming to me who have never seen a therapist or counsellor before until they heard about me and felt like my message resonated with them. I’m also humbled by the clients I’m getting coming to me that were disenchanted with more mainstream psychologists and their approach. Finding a therapist that is right for you is a very individual thing. If you are investing time and money into yourself and your relationship then you want to find someone who you can relate to. So, thank you!

Thanks for believing in me! This is truly a wonderful journey and I’m so honoured to get to work with such incredible people. It is so rewarding to help people and see them reach moments of realisation and insight and go on to transform their lives for the better. My clients are brave and strong people. Thank you all so much for your support.

You can get in touch with me here,

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