What you never knew about the clitoris!

For International Clitoris Week I’m going to harp on about the clitoris some more! The clitoris is such an incredible organ! It has more nerve endings than anywhere else on the human body, and twice as many on the end of the penis!

The Internal Clitoris
This incredible organ is not just a ‘bean,’ (that’s just the tip of the iceberg!) but actually mainly internal! The ‘glans’ (or ‘bean’) is connected to the shaft of the internal clitoris, which is made up of two corpora cavernosa.  When excited and erect, the corpora cavernosa swell full of blood around the vagina, as if they were wrapping around it giving it a big embrace!
These corpora cavernosa have two crura (looks like a wishbone when resting and not excited!) which  stretch toward the spine when erect. They’re coloured in a darker colour in the picture to the left.

So when the vagina is being stimulated the internal clitoris is also being stimulated! clitoris

You can see from the picture on the right, that the internal clitoris is very similar to the penis! In fact, I’m often disappointed by the lack of attention and research given to this increible organ. Textbooks often only show the external glans with no drawings depicting the inner clitoris! It is only recently (in the 1990’s) that a MRI was done of the clitoris for health and research, whereas men had already thirty years of research into pleasure and nerve endings in their penis!

An Australian Urologist, Helen O’Connell was the first person to show the world of medicine what the internal aroused  clitoris looked like in 1998. Medical papers published in response to her findings admitted that social mores had a lot to do with the lack of research into the clitoris and that it is “seemingly impossible it is to understand the internal structure of the clitoris with just one diagram.  Several are required to truly get a comprehensive understanding of it.

Internal ClitorisIt wasn’t until 2009, that researchers in France -Dr. Odile Buisson and Dr. Pierre Foldès did the worlds first complete 3-D sonography of the stimulated clitoris.  It says a lot about how we view the clitoris, that they couldn’t get any funding, and had to self fund their research for three years!

Dr Foldès is a surgeon for women who have undergone clitoral mutilation and has given pleasure back to thousands of circumsized women. Internal ClitorisHe too was amazed by how little research has been done over the years into the clitoris, when he found thousands of studies into the penis.

“When I returned to France to treat genital mutilation, I was amazed that they were never tried. The medical literature tells us the truth about our contempt for women. For three centuries, there are thousands of references to penile surgery, nothing on the clitoris, except for some cancers or dermatology -and nothing to restore its sensitivity. The very existence of an organ of pleasure is denied, medically. Today, if you look at the anatomy books that all surgeons have, you will find two pages above. There is a real intellectual excision.

So there you have it! We are only now beginning to understand the internal workings of the complex and fascinating female genitals! Is it any wonder women can be confused when some of this important information is not included in textbooks?
Thanks to Ms M for the inspiration for this article..

When parents get hysterical about sex education and try and ban books.

Wow. A mother in America wants The Diary of Anne Frank to be banned from her daughters school because of a passage where Anne writes about discovering her own genitalia.  I remember this was a text at my school in Year Seven, but that excerpt hadn’t been allowed to be published at the time. I think Anne Franks family had requested it be removed.
It’s quite a mature and insightful passage of self awareness and body exploration by such a young girl. Would this passage get you into hysterics if your young daughter read it?  I personally don’t see anything wrong with this innocent paragraph of self discovery and curiousity around one’s own body. In fact for someone so young, she had incredible insight and perception into her own body!  Read the section and see for yourself;
“Until I was eleven or twelve, I didn’Anne Frankt realize there was a second set of labia on the inside, since you couldn’t see them. What’s even funnier is that I thought urine came out of the clitoris…When you’re standing up, all you see from the front is hair. Between your legs there are two soft, cushiony things, also covered with hair, which press together when you’re standing, so you can’t see what’s inside. They separate when you sit down and they’re very red and quite fleshy on the inside. In the upper part, between the outer labia, there’s a fold of skin that, on second thought, looks like a kind of blister. That’s the clitoris.”

This Michigan mother said the phrases made her uncomfortable and that the diary was “pornographic.” After reading the above paragraph what do you think? There seems to be such a hysteria about children learning about their own genitals and functioning. I don’t see anything pornographic about young people learning about their own biology do you?