Female Orgasm

I remember in sex education in school never learning anything about the female orgasm, in fact I don’t think the words were even mentioned! I remember the emphasis on male orgasm depositing sperm into the vagina  and that was about  it.  There was never any mention of the clitoris getting erect or the entire labia area become engorged with blood and “puffing out” or how the vagina actually lengthens and changes shape when a woman is turned on.

There’s a lot of ignorance and misinformation about the female orgasm and female pleasure and looking at our sex education is there any wonder why?  A recent study of women in Sweden sheds some light onto women’s experiences with orgasm. The study asked almost one a half thousand women about their experiences with orgasm. The women were predominantly heterosexual and their ages ranged from 18 to 74.

Only 3% of the women surveyed reported never having an orgasm and 57% of the women said they could reach orgasm through penile intercourse alone.  69% of women said that their preferred masturbation technique was clitoral stimulation.  21% of women said they found it hard to reach orgasm a lot of the time. 31% of women surveyed said that having a penis inside their vagina made no difference to the quality of their orgasm.  The average age that women first had sex was 16 years.

63% of women aged 66 to 74 said they experienced their first ever orgasm by having a penis inside their vagina. 46% of women aged 18 to 24 experienced their first ever orgasm through masturbation.

Such a fascinating study that shows the diversity of female experience and differences in female pleasure.. Almost 60% of women achieve orgasm through penis in vagina sex and over 40% of women don’t.  The majority of women have experienced orgasm. So when you are with a woman you can’t make any assumptions about “what women like” because as you can see, we like very different things!  Asking what she likes, is a great way to start…