A sex education game about female masturbation.

Look athappy-bubble this latest game that aims to make Female Masturbation Friendly. Happy is your friendly neighbourhood vulva and it’s your job to make her feel good! It’s great to see different ways to promote positive sex education and reduce stigma around female sexuality. I love that it portrays masturbation in a fun and non threatening way! This helps to normalise female masturbation and shows how self pleasuring can be fun and light hearted and doesn’t have to be a serious affair filled with guilt and shame.

HappyPlayTime is a sex education game whose aim is to eliminate the stigma around female masturbation. It’s a fun way to learn about the female sex organs! It’s designed to use on mobiles but you can also play it on your computer..
I loved the write up so I thought I’d share it here;

“Sexuality is one of the most basic instincts of human beings. Being comfortable with your own sexual pleasure is a prerequisite to both being able to healthily accept pleasure from others, and pleasing others. How can you exchange pleasure with someone else if you don’t understand what your own body likes? That’s why masturbation, and learning how to masturbate is such a fundamental life lesson.

Unfortunately for many women, there has been a cultural stigma that blocks access to self-stimulation. HappyPlayTime is here to eliminate this barrier as much as possible. By talking openly and lightheartedly about female masturbation, we are taking the first step to becoming truly sexually liberated.”


It was disappointing to discover that Apple refused to include the game on their app store because they said it was “excessively objectionable” and “crude.” I’m confused why Apple stocks games about dealing drugs and yet finds an educational game designed to reduce body stigma so unappealing. The vulva itself is very simplified in a cartoonish way.

Searah Deysach, owner of an American sex toy shop Early to Bed thinks the stigma about women’s genitals goes much deeper than just the cartoon animations.

I think vulva imagery and education about female masturbation are still so taboo in society mainly because folks are scared of women having sexual agency. Allowing women to love their vulvae and practice the radical art of self love could lead to better self esteem which could lead to women feeling they have the right to be in charge of their bodies. I cannot speak to what specifically happened with Happy Playtime, but I talk to women every freaking day who struggle with loving their bodies and I can see how that directly impacts their sexual lives and self esteem.

What do you think? Check it out at the link below, decide for yourself  and happy masturbating!


Self love without guilt and shame! Let’s celebrate our self loving sexual practices!

Wank, wanker the anchor,  groping the grotto, shaking hands with your John Thomas, shaking the sausage, walk through the valley of love, petting the kitty, feed the beaver, buff the python… There’s countless sland words to describe masturbation! How about we use the word self love or self sex!

Self love without guilt and shame! Let’s celebrate our self loving sexual practices! Masturbation is universally part of human sexuality. There’s so much stigma attached to masturbation when it’s perfectly healthy and good for you…

45% of women first masturbated between the ages of 10 and 14, according to a recent study.

Women who started masturbating in adolescence reach orgasm more often during sex (with others) and report less arousal difficulties.
20% of women masturbate at bedtime to help them get to sleep.


Masturbation is a great way to get to know how your body works. Some people say you should stop masturbating once you’re having regular sex or in a new relationship. I’d say you should masturbate even more, it keeps the libido on fire in between partnered sex session and reminds yourself that you can still have great orgasms on your own.
In fact, I’d even advise couples to masturbate in front of each other so that you can witness what techniques they use and learn what your partner likes. Everyone likes different things when it comes to pressure and speed, and what better way to learn than watching!
Improving your self-sex techniques improves sex with your partner! The life force is sex energy, and we can view masturbation as part of our own regime of self love.



Perhaps you could attempt to redefine masturbation as regular sexual meditation with yourself. Try an hour long session with music, oil and candles. Try different breathing techniques and pelvis movements. You could experiment with orgasm control, stop just before you have an orgasm, or after orgasm breathe into it and have another and another. Masturbation is a perfect time to learn how to have multiple orgasms and full body orgasms and for women, learn how to ejaculate.

Learning how to have full body orgasms through masturbation shows us we can have as many orgasms as we like whether we have a partner or not. We can pleasure ourself forever if we are single for the rest of our days. It’s an unconditional self loving practice that will always be there for us regardless who “abandons” us or what relationship you might end..

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