When he fakes orgasm.

Men fake orgasm and their partners are often none the wiser. 

Clients have told me that when they use a condom they disguise whether they’ve orgasmed and their partner has no idea that they faked it.


A penis that is always hard sounds brilliant in theory but in reality it can cause all sorts of problems.

Take John for instance..  John can reach orgasm when he masturbates. He gets turned on with his partner but it takes him much longer and longer to reach orgasm every time they’re together.

Sometimes it’s impossible for him to ejaculate during sex that he fakes orgasm to “get it over with.”

Now John is at the point that he can’t orgasm at all during sex but he lies to his partner about it. His partner says John is more detached and distant during sex and it’s impacting their relationship in negative ways.

Delayed Ejaculation (DE) is rapidly becoming more common amongst men.

While orgasm and ejaculation isn’t necessary to have great sex, I would diagnose DE when it becomes persistent and troublesome and is causing relationship stress.

Yes there are many pathways to pleasure and orgasm but the important point here is that DE can detrimentally affect a man’s emotional wellbeing, self esteem and relationships.



What causes Delayed Ejaculation?

  • DE can be caused by the side effects of SSRI anti depressants or physical problems such as diabetes, prostrate or spinal injuries.
  • Psychological stresses such as relationship problems, financial worries, anxiety and over thinking or intimacy problems can cause DE.
  • Some men might be so worried about their performance, problems at work or so emotionally disconnected from their partner they can’t connect or relax enough to climax.
  • Cultural or religious reasons. Men brought up in a culture that shames sexual pleasure can internalise that guilt and shame. This can hold them back from letting go and completely surrendering to the emotional pleasure of partnered sex or lead to developing a very unusual masturbation style.
  • Sometimes a couples mismatched desire for pregnancy can bring about DE. If there’s conflict surrounding her desire for a baby and his refusal then his mind can hold him back from ejaculating.
  • Controlling and repressing emotions. Men who can’t mentally let go and be consumed by sensual pleasure can struggle with climaxing.
  • Frequent masturbation and/or an ‘Idiosyncratic masturbatory style.’ This is when men have ‘trained’ their body to only get off on a specific pressure and rhythm that only their hand can deliver that can’t be replicated during partnered sex. Some boys can develop this throughout puberty by rushing their masturbation before they get “caught” or masturbate in a specific overly firm way to porn movies.


Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation

Once medical reasons have been factored out sex therapy and relationship counselling can treat DE.

I often see both partners in my therapy rooms or via skype and prescribe them “homework” exercises to be done in the comfort of their bedroom together in their own time.

Different approaches during sex can “shake things up” by changing the mental routine. 
 I might recommend a brief masturbation break and to stay away from porn for a while. I’m not saying never look at porn again but try abstaining from watching porn for a month and see what happens to your relationship and your sexual functioning.

We also work on improving the emotional intimacy in the relationship through exploring; how the DE partner is emotionally holding back, sexual shame, guilt or fears of intimacy.
Therapy can strengthen and further bond your relationship and lead to more more intimate connections and better sex life. It takes guts to come see me but it’s worth it.

Get in touch here today if you would like to transform your intimate relationship and your sexual functioning. All sessions are confidential and I am accepting and non judgmental.


This was published as a column in Ciao Magazine. Art by Keith Haring, Peter Hujar,  Sarah Lucas, Manuel Esthaem, Caravaggio, Luke Hillestad..

Normal Barbie, meet Normal Ken!


You might remember back in 2013 when artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm created a Barbie type of doll with the measurements of the average 19-year-old woman. The images of his new Barbie doll went viral, influenced the toy industry and spearheaded a crowd sourced campaign that raised over $500,000 to manufacture thousands of dolls.
Lamm was frustrated with Barbie’s highly unrealistic proportions when he went to buy a doll for his niece. He couldn’t believe that there still wasn’t a doll with more average proportions in this day and age.

Lamm has just created a pack of ‘flawed’ stickers of cellulite, stretch marks, acne, moles, freckles and tattoos that the children can stick on the doll’s body. He’s trying to show children that a normal girl has flaws, it doesn’t make her less attractive and it means she’s out enjoying life.


“I feel that, right now, dolls are very ‘perfect’ looking, when, in real life, few of us have perfect skin.. So, why not give dolls a ‘real treatment?’ Things like acne, stretch marks, and cellulite are a natural part of who we are.”


Stretch marks often found on the found on the breasts, abdomen, hips, and thighs and between 50 to 90 percent of women will develop them.  Well over 90  percent of women have cellulite on their bodies.


Now Lamm has created a Lammily man based on the dimensions of an average 19 year old man.  It doesn’t have defined muscles and or an obvious six-pack  like some action figures do. Lamm hopes his doll will promote a healthy body image for children and redefine what it means to be a man. How do you define a healthy masculinity and what do you think it means to be a man?



“I feel that the media promotes a very ‘macho’ image for guys, which promotes a culture of sexism at the same time.  By making a realistic boy doll, I feel it can not only start a conversation about what it means to be a healthy man, but also lead to a more ‘real’ image which helps everyone. Let’s continue to support healthy bodies and minds.”

Ken doll from the 1980’s

Lamm hopes his dolls will  show boys that real is beautiful too. His website explains,
“(we are) re-innovating the idea of what a physical “idol” can and should be, encouraging parents and children to challenge the way they think of normative body image and, in the process, have largely influenced an entire toy industry.”

The Ken doll on the left and the Normal Ken on the right

Here’s some questions for you to ponder..

What societal pressures did you feel when you were growing up about how your body should look?

Did you compare your body to dolls, movie stars or models?

How do you feel better about your body when you’re not feeling good about it?
How do you look after your body?

What have others said about your body that’s impacted your self esteem?

What did you learn about your body growing up? Did you learn that it was a beautiful thing or a dirty shameful thing to be hidden?

What messages about your body did you learn from your community, your family, friends, religion and wider culture?
How do your feelings about your body influence your sexual and intimate relations? Does it impact how you go about finding a lover or instigating a sexual experience with your partner?
Are you comfortable naked?
How do you feel about your body?

Get in touch today if you’d like to overcome your body issues and enjoy intimacy more.

Sexual Mistakes to Avoid

Here’s some of  the most common mistakes people make when making love and how to avoid them.


Same old routine

Get in bed. I do this. You do this. I put this there. Orgasm. End. Yawn!

Routines lead to sexual boredom. Experiment. Mix up the order. Sex isn’t a linear journey from A to B, especially for women. Surprising your partner with oral sex and a quickie in the kitchen is as valuable as a slow, teasing session with lots of long, deep kisses where all the clothes stay on for a delightfully long time.

Get out of the bedroom and get off the bed! Try different places around the house, sexy times outside, different times of day or sexy weekend getaways.



Tit for Tat

Sex isn’t about keeping score. Avoid: “well, I did this to you, now you do that to me.” You could spend an entire loving session where you pleasure her and she lies back and loses her mind. She could start giving you a long sexy massage that eventually moves to the inner thighs and caresses the genitals… Play and have fun!

Not giving feedback

Your partner isn’t a mind reader. They don’t know if the pressure of their hand or tongue is working for you unless you tell them. If you’re afraid to say, “yes like that …I love that”, or “harder… softer… slower…” try using appreciative noises like “ahhhhh.”

Learned helplessness in the bedroom can be overcome by owning your pleasure. Take your partners hand and show them how you like to be touched or show them how you do it yourself. If you have a specific fantasy for something you have to ask for it!

Critical Sex Judge

Only voicing up during sex when you don’t like something is a turn off. Give feedback through positives rather than being a condemning judge. Don’t critique your partner’s body, genitals, erection, sexual functioning or compare them to an ex!

Over correcting doesn’t create a supportive place to surrender to pleasure. For every critical comment try to provide three positive points. Try, “I love how you use your tongue and hands, but please no teeth. You look so sexy when you…”



Owning Your Pleasure

Our lover doesn’t “give” us an orgasm, we are responsible for our own orgasms. If we don’t know how to orgasm on our own then we are setting up a huge challenge for our partner. Be in touch with your body, know how to bring yourself to orgasm and what works for you. Grab a mirror and have a look at your genitals. Get acquainted with your body.

Post Coital Silence

“I loved it when you…” Debriefing after the heat of the moment when you’re high on bonding hormones can bring long term improvements. Pillow talk what worked for you so your partner knows for next time. I’m not encouraging an entire performance review! A few words before sleep can make a difference.



Faking Orgasm

Focus more on the journey than the ending. Be authentic and honest. Try, “I might be too tired to orgasm but I’m still keen for some loving!”

Why bottling up your emotions is bad for your health

New research shows the negative consequences of  bottling up our emotions. If your partner has done something to really upset you and you bottle it up-you are much more likely to be aggressive.
  If you’ve had a bad day at work and you suppress your emotions you can come home and take it out on your partner.
 Even Freud talked about this…

Another study shows that suppressing emotions can take years off your life. This study asked participants questions such as “I try to be pleasant so that others won’t get upset” and “When I’m angry I let people know.”

When the survey was repeated ten years later it was found that premature death rates are the highest amongst those that bottle up their emotions. 
Researchers guess this causes early deaths– perhaps because people use drugs, smoking, drinking or over eating as coping mechanisms for their suppressed emotions.  Perhaps the stress of bottling up emotions disrupts hormonal balances leading to illness and damage to the immune system.

Suppressing our emotions can shut down and close our partners out. We might not mean to do it or even want to do it but it could be a learned behaviour from our parents or our own attempts to avoid conflict. Sometimes we can’t cope or deal with an emotionally painful scenario because of we are paralysed by fear.

We can bury emotions down deep inside where they “rot.” This “fermentation” can seriously harm relationships and cause resentment.

“Buying peace” at any cost creates deep unhappiness. 
Swallowing down our hurt, bubbles up later in negative ways and manifests itself;

  • in low self esteem
  • unconsciously hurting and punishing our partner
  • internalising our pain so it turns into self destructive behaviour
  • venting about your partner
  • losing patience for your partner at little things etc.

We can try to avoid feeling our emotions through;

  • denial
  • compulsive behaviour such as over eating/working or sexual activity or drug abuse
  • addiction to pornography/intimacy avoidance
  • keeping excessively busy as a defence mechanism etc.

We use  many unhealthy techniques to help us repress our feelings. Learning to identify these emotions and releasing them can help improve and enhance our relationships. 

We can reverse emotional suppression.

I’ve helped many couples adopt new, healthy emotional communication styles. Telling our partner how we feel emotionally can open the gates of communication and help us feel more grounded. Learning how not to run away from our emotions and numb out the pain can force us to step out of the victim role and into a place of self responsibility.

I teach clients to identify how we feel. Ask yourself; What do I feel right now? Write the answer in a journal. Notice what tension you are feeling in your body when you feel certain emotions. Rather than rushing for the junk food/wine/cigarette or your own individual crux, notice the feeling in your body and the source of the emotion and work on that instead.

Try telling your partner, “I feel hurt because….” rather than bottling it all up can help start opening up the cork on your emotional bottle.

Come see me for confidential, open minded therapy to learn more techniques to improve your health and your relationships.

Cat O Dowd

Relationship Counsellor- Sex Therapist- Art Therapist

New Year Sex and Relationship Resolutions

Happy New Year! Here’s my column that appeared in Ciao magazine…

Celebrate and respect that initial sexual attraction you both first felt when you met.

This is what first drew you together and should not be forgotten. It can be very destructive to a relationship if the times between sexual contact are too long. No matter how fast paced and busy our lives are or how familiar our partner might become to us; it is crucial we never stop seeing them as our lover first and foremost. I see so many clients who have put sex and intimacy on the back burner and this creates a myriad of problems.

Lots of good sex with our partner is beneficial for our health, our blood pressure, our hearts and the health of the relationship! ­ This leads to my next resolution…

Prioritise sex and make time for it.

Schedule in sex dates. If you are too busy and don’t have time to have sex with your partner then it’s time to sit down and re-schedule! If you can start saying no to that party or function that is road blocking your desires and spend time with no one but your partner. Have a night in (or outside if that’s what you like!) with your skin pressing against theirs.

If you’re single, prioritise your self loving practice. Explore your body and new ways of pleasure! Think of your sexuality like a plant that needs watering and attention to grow, flower and thrive. It doesn’t grow on its own if you don’t nurture it. Working on your own sexuality will open you up to greater pleasure and creativity.

For singles looking for a partner or wanting to stop meeting the same types of people all the time; book in a session with me to discover how you are blocking your own happiness and changing the patterns that are keeping you back.




Resolve to “fight fair” for 2015.

9d8fd7accf094a12361a59f9b1cb8a8bArguments will happen but try to stay calm, truly listen to your partner and notice the pain that is prompting their words. My clients have transformed their relationship by learning how to communicate, listen and resolve conflict in a relationship more effectively.

Masterful business communicators can crumble and struggle with communicating in an intimate relationship because the stakes are so much higher and the rules can be a lot less clear.

Resolve to stop doing these things with your partner that are not conducive to a healthy relationship; stonewall (silent treatment), storm out, hanging up, go to bed angry, slam doors or lash out with cruel and personal attacks.

Don’t be a “kitchen sink fighter” and throw in every past blunder your partner has ever made! This will inflame the situation and build resentment. Keep things relevant and specific and try to be assertive not passive, aggressive or passive aggressive.

Book in a therapy session with me if you’d like to learn good relationship communication skills and transform how you relate with your lover.

Broaden your definition of sex for 2015.

Photo Manipulations by Alexandria ThompsonLet’s embrace our sexuality and the many different ways we can have “sex.”
Sex is not just about actual intercourse but about any erotic activity that involves some sort of touch. Some could say touch isn’t even needed- (why look at tantra and breath orgasms­) but it’s about being present and in your body!

Put down your mobile, get out of your head and connect with your lover! Explore different ways of giving and receiving pleasure that don’t focus on performance and goal orientations! And of course above all ­have fun! Joke, play and laugh. Sex with the right person is good for you!



Here’s to a lush and pleasure ­filled 2015!

Catherine O Dowd

Become a better lover by practising mindful sex.

Once you’ve regularly practised mindfulness in your everyday life, you’re ready to become a better lover by practising mindful sex.

Practising mindfulness can activate and rewire the anterior insula in your brain with studies showing women who practise mindful meditation have a thicker insula and better orgasms. The more your practise using your insula, the better you can experience physical sensations during sex and be attuned into your partner’s emotions and feelings, and neuroscience researchers see brain changes after two weeks of practising so, if you’re starting out, try it every day for at least twenty minutes.

Some deterrents for great sex include a mind whirling on autopilot, overstimulated brains from caffeine, stress or addictive text messaging, anxiety, being disconnected from your own body, worrying about our the appearance of our body, how we ‘perform,’ or ‘watching’ ourselves having sex with an anxious, internal narration.

On the other hand, one of the main ingredients in enjoying better sex is being fully present and immersed in the feelings and sensations, rather than being distracted by mind chatter or worrying about the past or the future. Mindfulness is the antidote to bad sex because it’s all about being present in the here and now.

First, move the distracting electronic devices out of the bedroom. They stimulate your mind and are a deterrent for being in the now.

You might want to try mindfulness on your own in a self pleasuring session. Focus on the sensations on one part of your body, when you smile, how does your mouth feel? Focus on your lips. Slowly scan your whole body to other parts that feel good. If you feel your mind wandering to think about work or errands, start concentrating on your breath and how the air enters your nostrils, goes down into your belly and then feel it leave your body.

Then try mindful meditation with your partner before having sex. It helps turn off the chaos of the day and helps you reconnect. Embrace your partner; focus on the warmth of their arms, their smell and other sensations. Look into their eyes and focus on the colour and size. Take turns being touched and just feeling and nothing else.

During sex be present with every throb, tingle, movement, taste and smell. You are opening the doorway to a new world of pleasure.

Let go of goal oriented expectations of orgasm and enjoy the feelings. It’s about the journey not the destination. If you find yourself worrying about orgasm or your mind drifts to something else, kindly guide your attention back to your body.

adult-writer-catDon’t criticise yourself for not getting it perfect, the more you practise the easier it will get. You are retraining your brain by practising attention and you are becoming more sensitive to pleasure.

If you’d like to learn how to have mindful sex and have better sex and orgasms with your partner then get in contact with me here! I’d love to hear from you..

This was published in CIAO magazine, you can read it here!

Is your Iphone killing your sex life?

Read my latest article published in CIAO magazine..

Last night I went to a restaurant and saw a couple sitting in silence; one looking at her phone, more interested in scanning the internet or playing games than in interacting. Once the food arrived she kept fiddling with her phone while they ate.

They didn’t say much and were emotionally disconnected from each other. I see this a lot.

More and more people are coming to me complaining that their partner ignores them for their mobile phone. They seek connection and intimacy with their partner but they’re rejected for time with an electronic device instead.

An English study shows that your relationship can be negatively influenced just by having your phone next to you, even if you don’t touch it. Partners said they trusted the other less and felt less empathy towards them when they had their mobile near them when talking about anything important.

In our fast paced lives it can be detrimental to a relationship if the only spare time you have together is always compromised and overusing your phone can hurt your relationship long term – say if your partner can’t give you their full attention because they are distracted by their phone and social media.

A growing percentage of people need to check their phone at least once an hour and some people even check their phones when on the toilet. With such multitasking minds, how do we learn to focus on one thing in the bedroom if we are not used to doing that during the day? That ‘mind chatter’ can make it difficult to have enjoyable sex, orgasms and connection.

My suggestion is when you go on a date with your partner, put your phone away, on silent or turn it off. Talk to your partner uninterrupted, even if just for 20 minutes a day! And really pay attention to your partner; eye contact, sitting close and touching can be very intimate and sexy when you are talking.

Start trying to practice ‘being in the moment’ when you are doing everyday activities like eating or washing up. For instance, when you are walking, experience your feet hitting the ground and the air on your face.

Concentrate on what is happening in the present moment, your breathing and what your body is feeling. Engage all your senses in these experiences. Practicing regular mindfulness reduces anxiety and depression and increases libido and positive body image.

Once you’ve sharpened your skills of being mindful in the world, you can start practicing mindful sex! It’s about being completely submerged in the sensations and pleasure of the moment and leads to greater connection, mind blowing sex and better relationships. For more on how to have mindful sex, don’t miss the next issue of Ciao.

You can read my article on the CIAO website here!

Get in touch with me here to learn mindfulness techniques and how to apply them in a session with your partner.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Ecstatic orgasm, taking breaks, spirituality and psychology.

I’ve just made it through four long day of lectures, discussions and presentations and am feeling exhausted but inspired! I’ve been learning all about the spiritual aspects of the human experience within the framework of modern psychology. This all made perfect sense to me, as I’ve been harping on about the spiritual aspect of sex and sexuality for a long time!
I’m loving having a foot in both worlds; in the biomedical model of mental health and clinical sex therapy and also in the world of psychotherapy, holistic counselling with an integrated approach, transpersonal psychology and expressive arts therapies. This gives me such a richer insight into emotional well being; in particular how it relates to relationships, identity, sexuality, gender, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, transition, dreams etc.
This expanded perspective gives me a more ‘elaborate’ tool kit to help my clients heal past traumas and change their life. I’m so inspired to help my clients with all this new knowledge.

At the end of a long day of learning so much fascinating material my brain reaches saturation point so I’ve been going for walks along the beach or in the forest.

Here’s a snapshot from my mobile, wherainbown a rainbow appeared just as I was about to jump into the water.
What self nourishing things do you do for yourself when you are burnt out or exhausted or to give yourself a break? Do you do anything for yourself?

Sometimes we just keep pushing ourselves to go, go, go! Never having a break or ‘downtime’ actually hampers our productivity and wellbeing in the long run. How many people eat their lunch breaks at their computer while they work? Sometimes we feel guilty for taking a break or ‘doing nothing,’ and keep pushing ourselves. Living a fast-paced busy life without downtime can also work as a defense mechansim or distraction, sometimes we don’t want to ‘stop’ because there’s things we don’t want to have to think about or make time for. Staying busy can sometimes be a coping mechanism for past trauma because we never have to look within if we don’t make time.

If we are going through a transition, coping with a trauma or processing and intergrating lots of heavy and new knowledge, it’s great to give our mind some ‘time out.’
My ‘nature’ breaks at the end of every lecture helped me to reflect on everything I’d learnt, be in the moment, be present in my body and appreciate everyday beauty. From a more holistic approach, they help me feel “part of the whole.”  I get to leave our world of “pragmatic utilitarianism” and enter a different state of being.

These self nourishing “breaks” can help us get back in touch with ourselves. When you have a break, turn off your phone, don’t try to do three things at once and concentrate on your breathing. Practicing this mindfulness can help us be more connected in our sexual experiences. Have you ever felt like you can’t turn off your mind or your worries in a sexual encounter and that this is holding you back? It’s like a blockage in a pipe,  you try to turn on the tap on and only a drip comes out. Removing these blockages can bring about a flood of sexual energy and ecstacy. Learning to enter this “in the moment” space can lead to greater sexual heights and connection. Ecstatic orgasms can feel like you are one with the universe and floating up high, not in your physical body anymore.
Get in touch with me today if you’d like to learn about this in more detail.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

― Albert Einstein

Get in touch today to book a session with me, I’d love to hear from you.


Kegel Exercises for women! The key to amazing orgasms!

Kegel Exercises are great for better sex and orgasmic response! A strong pelvic floor muscle enhances orgasm with oneself and with partners. Women can do these exercises at any time in the day, on the train, at work.. Nothing better to do on a long train ride! In the 1940’s Dr Kegel was gynecologist who helped women to overcome urinary incontinence through pelvic floor exercises instead of relying only on surgery. After a few months, some of his patients said they had orgasms for the first ever time.  Learning about these muscles and how to use them to your advantage can be very sexually empowering.

To find your pelvic floor muscles, stop urinating midstream. If you’ve stopped peeing, you’ve found the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. Alternatively, can also put your finger inside your vagina and squeeze your PC muscles. You know you’re using the right muscles if you can feel the muscles tightening around your finger.

Now it’s time to perfect your technique. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for three to five seconds, and then relax for three to five seconds. It should feel like ou’re pulling your muscles up!  Try it four or five times in a row. Work up to keeping the muscles contracted for 10 seconds at a time, relaxing for 10 seconds between contractions. Breathing in when you tighten your muscles, and breathing out when you breathe out can help. Once you’ve mastered the beginner exercise then we can move onto more advanced techniques and breath orgasms! You can actually bring yourself to orgasm this way, no hands needed!
Using the PC muscle during sexual intercourse can give a more intense orgasm and be very pleasurable for your partner if they happen to have their penis, tongue or hand inside your vagina.
It doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for your general health too! A strong PC muscle helps with general genital health, bladder control, the bowels and overall health.
If you’d like to learn how to use your PC muscles, or you already can use them and want to learn more advanced techniques for better sex, more explosive orgasms or meditative sex or tantra exercises, get in touch today.. https://creativesexpression.com/book-a-session/

Self love without guilt and shame! Let’s celebrate our self loving sexual practices!

Wank, wanker the anchor,  groping the grotto, shaking hands with your John Thomas, shaking the sausage, walk through the valley of love, petting the kitty, feed the beaver, buff the python… There’s countless sland words to describe masturbation! How about we use the word self love or self sex!

Self love without guilt and shame! Let’s celebrate our self loving sexual practices! Masturbation is universally part of human sexuality. There’s so much stigma attached to masturbation when it’s perfectly healthy and good for you…

45% of women first masturbated between the ages of 10 and 14, according to a recent study.

Women who started masturbating in adolescence reach orgasm more often during sex (with others) and report less arousal difficulties.
20% of women masturbate at bedtime to help them get to sleep.


Masturbation is a great way to get to know how your body works. Some people say you should stop masturbating once you’re having regular sex or in a new relationship. I’d say you should masturbate even more, it keeps the libido on fire in between partnered sex session and reminds yourself that you can still have great orgasms on your own.
In fact, I’d even advise couples to masturbate in front of each other so that you can witness what techniques they use and learn what your partner likes. Everyone likes different things when it comes to pressure and speed, and what better way to learn than watching!
Improving your self-sex techniques improves sex with your partner! The life force is sex energy, and we can view masturbation as part of our own regime of self love.



Perhaps you could attempt to redefine masturbation as regular sexual meditation with yourself. Try an hour long session with music, oil and candles. Try different breathing techniques and pelvis movements. You could experiment with orgasm control, stop just before you have an orgasm, or after orgasm breathe into it and have another and another. Masturbation is a perfect time to learn how to have multiple orgasms and full body orgasms and for women, learn how to ejaculate.

Learning how to have full body orgasms through masturbation shows us we can have as many orgasms as we like whether we have a partner or not. We can pleasure ourself forever if we are single for the rest of our days. It’s an unconditional self loving practice that will always be there for us regardless who “abandons” us or what relationship you might end..

If you’d like to learn more book a session with me in my Sydney rooms today. I also have skype sessions available for people outside of Sydney..